skyzonejumpWhat is more fun than jumping on a trampoline?   Nothing.  Well, except maybe going to Disneyland.  I’ll clearly always be a kid at heart.  I may enjoy activities that the kiddos like, but I also like a good, sweat filled, hardcore workout. I’m going to make a pretty bold statement here:  the fitness class at Skyzone Torrance is my favorite class on Classpass….and…..I’m almost always the only one in the morning class.  It’s like having a personal trainer!

The first time I went to Skyzone in Torrance, I was expecting a fun, easy, feel-like-a-kid workout.  The word “fun” was the only correct part of that last sentence.  These classes are no joke.  Each class starts with a series of different trampoline jumps that send your heart rate soaring as you start to fill the lactic acid burn in your chest.  The next 40 minutes or so involves  strength exercises that will probably involve a set of dumbbells.   You’ll get anything from burpees and shuffle side steps, to lunges with weights, boxing with weights and push-ups, just to name a few.  Try to imagine doing a burpee on a trampoline!  After those rounds of delightful torture, you’ll get a round of core specific exercises and be pretty damn tired. Next up is stretch time and then you’re done.

If my hair isn’t crazy and my face isn’t red, that means I didn’t get a good workout.  At Skyzone, I’m drenched in sweat and my hair looks like a bird’s nest. Good times.


Parking:  free lot

Hydration station:  They have a drinking fountain, but you’ll be chugging water during the breaks, so bring a water bottle

Sweat level:  high

Special attire:  Skyzone grippy socks

Tip:  If you walk into the gym for the morning class and have to wait at the front for a while to check in, don’t fret.  Since they’re not technically open to the rest of the public at 9am, the front desk isn’t manned.

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