unplug bannerGoing to the gym isn’t healthy.  Buying fruits and vegetables at your local farmers’ market isn’t healthy. Going to the spa for a relaxing facial isn’t healthy.  Do you know what is healthy?  All three of those things combined.  “Healthy” isn’t comprised of just one activity, or one type of diet or one state of being. It is the sum of many parts. All of our activities, habits and behaviors work synergistically to create a healthy and happy YOU!

Eat well + Move a lot + Be kind to yourself = feel great.    That is my definition of healthy.

The “be kind to yourself” variable can emanate from an endless number of activities.  What can you do outside of eating and exercise to nourish yourself?  To nourish your mind? Perhaps having a relaxing spa day, creative writing, or maybe sitting outside in a beautiful garden to think about what you’re grateful for.  Something that nourishes my mind and soul is meditation.  However, believe me, I am not one of those people who can sit down by myself, close my eyes and just “be”. That ain’t happening!

A few months ago, I discovered meditation in a class setting at Unplug in West LA.  The class room looks like a group exercise studio, but with comfy retractable chair-like cushions, soft lighting, mesmerizing background music, and a mindful teacher sitting at the front of the room leading the practice.  There are many types of meditation class titles, such as Imagine, Toolbox, Breathwork, and Intuition, but all start with a thought provoking introduction by the instructor that may center around a topic like positivity, gratitude or even child-like curiosity.  Some instructors invoke guided imagery throughout the class, while others leave ample room for complete silence.

There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. Most often, I set an intention on how I want to feel when I leave the room. Sometimes my mind wants to focus on my crazy, busy life, the errands I have to run and what I’m going to make for dinner, etc.   If that happens, you’re instructed to acknowledge the distraction and just let it pass.  I’ve had meditations where I’ve focused on absolutely nothing and other times where I’m laser focused on envisioning what I want or how I want to be.  For example, if I’m feeling insecure, I may focus on confidence and repeat a few mantras over and over again in my head “I am strong and confident and I can overcome any obstacle.  I welcome the challenge.”  Last week, right before the end of class, the  instructor told us to “breath in how we want to feel when we leave the room.”  I’ve used that phrase a number of times over the past few days on my own.

Now, I will admit, there was one time a few weeks ago where I went to meditation solely for the purpose of envisioning a win for the Denver Broncos over the New England Patriots.  It totally worked! Lol

If I could go to Unplug twice a day, I would.  I feel so wonderfully relaxed and recharged every time I leave their location.  If you’re new to meditation or a seasoned veteran, I highly suggest that you visit and enjoy their studio!  Unplugmeditation.com

P.S.  If you are on Class Pass, Unplug is on their list of studios!   Classpass.com



Great holiday gift for someone who wants to try meditating at home. These cushions are super comfy!










Just some of the mindful necessities they sell at Unplug. Aromatherapy is divine! The diffuser is used to disperse the essential oils throughout your room.





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