Nutrition Label Reading

One on One Nutrition Coaching

I will work with you to develop an individualized nutrition plan because a one size fits all approach does not work! We can meet in person or via technology.

  • Increase overall wellness & energy
  • Disease prevention
  • Weight Management
  • Sports nutrition
  • Pre-natal nutrition
  • Plant based nutrition
  • Food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities

You’re frustrated, sad and confused because your doctor just told you what you can’t eat. Let me help you figure out what you CAN eat and how to prepare it deliciously!

  • Special dietary needs for incoming college students

Do you have a food allergic son or daughter ready to go off to college? The process of choosing a school that can best accommodate your student is a very stressful process!! With my valuable experience working within the university dining system, I can advise you on who and what you should be asking schools to ensure a safe, yet normal college experience.

I’m Just Here for the Food!

Do you simply need some help increasing your repertoire of healthy meal ideas? In this session, we will only explore food, cooking and recipes.

(Available in person or via technology)

Watermelon Radish Salad by Lindsey Pine

Pantry Makeover

Let’s raid your kitchen together! We’ll go through your current food products that are taking prime real estate in your fridge and cupboards. Following our session, I will give you a customized list of pantry staples to make healthy cooking a breeze.

(For clients in the Los Angeles area)

Let’s Shop!

With thousands of food items, the grocery store can be a very overwhelming place! I will meet you at your favorite local grocery store where we will roam the aisles to find healthy and tasty foods to fit your palate. We’ll talk about everything from label reading to ingredient prep.

(For clients in the Los Angeles area)

1 Week Menu with Lindsey Pine

Customized 1 Week Menu

Those meal plans in magazines aren’t effective because they don’t take YOUR personal taste preferences into consideration! Tell me what foods you love and despise and I will create a week’s worth of meal and snack options for you.

Food Journal Review

Are you unsure if your usual diet contains enough vital nutrients like calcium, protein, antioxidants, etc? You write it down for 1 week, I’ll complete a nutritional analysis and let you know how you’re doing. I’ll even include some simple tweaks you can make.

Please note that I do not accept insurance; however I can provide you with a Superbill. Payment is expected (and appreciated) at the time services are rendered.

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