Are you eating a healthy diet, but still don’t feel well? Are you suffering from IBS, Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD), or other digestive issues? Migraines/headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, eczema, sinus congestion or extreme fatigue? These are just some of conditions that can be aggravated by inflammation caused by food sensitivities. They can wreak havoc on your daily activities, your concentration at work and even your athletic performance.

What are food sensitivities?

There are 3 categories of diet-induced inflammatory reactions: Food allergies, food-Induced autoimmune disease, and food sensitivities. Of the 3, food sensitivities are the most prevalent.

Food sensitivities are non-allergic (non-IgE), non-celiac inflammatory responses. When a reactive food is ingested, white blood cells release mediators such as cytokines, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins that cause inflammation and pain. Even if you are eating the healthiest foods that are typically known for being anti-inflammatory, those foods may be inflammatory for YOUR body. It can be difficult to figure out on your own which foods you are reactive to because the manifestation of a food sensitivity may not show up for hours or days and may be dose dependent.

How does MRT testing work?

The purpose of the patented Mediator Release Test (MRT) is to identify and quantify which foods and chemicals cause an inflammatory response in your body. It is an accurate test with 94.5% sensitivity and 91.7% specificity. 120 foods and 30 chemicals are tested.

Click here to see an animation of how MRT works:

What is LEAP therapy?

LEAP stands for Lifestyle Eating and Performance. After receiving your MRT results, a personalized diet therapy protocol will be designed for you. You will start with your least reactive foods and re-introduce other foods as you progress through the phases. The timeline is different for everyone, but many people start feeling improvement of symptoms within the first 10 days.

Can MRT help sports performance?

Many athletes who experience a myriad of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, Reducing inflammation in the body can improve recovery time and performance.

What is included in the LEAP therapy package?

  • Initial symptom screening
  • Overnight FedEx shipping of blood draw to Oxford Biomedical Technologies
  • A 65-page bound booklet with your MRT results and LEAP dietary management program
  • A handy laminated card listing all of your reactive and moderately reactive foods
  • 1 Initial consultation plus 3 follow ups to set you on the path to success, help you navigate through the plan, offer support and troubleshoot any issues that may pop up
  • Personalized meal planning assistance
  • Email support throughout the LEAP dietary protocol

This service is available in-person or via technology.

Please note that I do not accept insurance; however I can provide you with a Superbill. Payment is expected (and appreciated) at the time services are rendered.

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