Where did the year go??  Some of you may have already completed your holiday shopping while many others, myself included, haven’t started or even thought about it!  Do you get anxious thinking about all of the presents you still need to buy, while sticking to a budget?  I know I sure do!

What’s a category that pretty much everyone likes?  FOOD!  Whether your friends or loved ones enjoy cooking or just enjoy eating, there’s something for everyone on this list!  I  was not paid by any of these companies to suggest their products.  These 15 items are all gift ideas that I thought would be fun AND useful!


Truffle Salt

My husband does not cook at all, but he loves to eat. When we first started dating, I gave him a jar of truffle salt during the holidays.  He LOVED it and wanted to put it on everything he ate!  Steak, popcorn, eggs, veggies, pasta….truffle salt seriously goes on everything.  It sounds really fancy, but you can easily find it for under $25. Check this one out from Salt Works. 


Kale Stripper

No more eating tough kale stems with this amazing recommendation from Holly Grainger RD!  This kale, chard, collard greens and herb stripper from Chef’n looks so quick and easy to use. Where has this gadget been all my life?!

Handheld Citrus Squeezer

 Please! Someone get me one of these for the holidays!!  I squeeze tons of limes by hand for my tiki drinks and would greatly benefit from a squeezer!  Registered Dietitian Savannah King Thaler of Savvy Wellness and Health says that she is amazed by “how many people who don’t have a quality, heavy duty lemon squeezer.”  When guests visit her kitchen, she gets compliments on something as simple, yet useful as this! Cook’s Illustrated Magazine recommends this FreshForceTM  Citrus Juicer from Chef’n

Reusable Produce Bags

Need a an eco-friendly gift?  Check out these reusable produce bags recommended by Registered Dietitian Sally Kuzemchak of Real Mom Nutrition. I’ve been wondering if there was an alternative to the horrible plastic bags in the produce section.  Well, Flip & Tumble’s got ’em !

Lunch Box for Grown Ups

Do you know someone who wants to start bringing their lunch to work, but needs a way of conveniently transporting the food, while keeping it cool?  Kick off their new healthy habit by getting them a lunch box.  This one from Target is functional and looks cute!

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

What girl doesn’t like big fat diamonds? Especially in her drink!  Whether dressing up water or throwing into a specialty cocktail, these super fun diamond ice cube trays are sure to be a fave.

The Original Slush Mug

This was one of my favorite items as a kid!!  I didn’t even know these were still around!  The Original Slush Mug is a fantastic way to make a healthy frozen, slushy dessert.  Just freeze the cup core and slide into mug when frozen. Add liquid to the cup, such as 100% juice or even iced coffee, and put in the freezer.  Scrape down the sides of the mug and stir every so often and voila! Your very own quick slushy!

Portion Control Wine Glasses

Wine can be part of an overall healthful eating plan if consumed in proper portions.  What the heck does a proper portion look like though?  These Wine Trax wine glasses have frosted etched lines that aren’t just for decoration. Their purpose is to let you know how big your pour is!  A standard pour should be about 5 ounces, but usually many of us tend to pour much larger portions!

Cold Brew Coffee Kit

 Nothing is trendier now than cold brew coffee!  Therese Bonanni RD found this 64 ounce coffeesock cold brew kit from Cuppow to make your very own. 

DYI Chai Spices

Nothing says love like a homemade gift!  Stephanie McKercher MS, RDN suggests whipping up some exotic DYI chai spicesThe spices can be infused into a tea or ground and added to oatmeal, smoothies, baked goods and more!

Handheld Spiralizer

This is one of my favorite kitchen tools because it allows you to make veggie noodles out of items like zucchini and sweet potatoes without the massive clean up from one of those large hand crank spiralizers.  Veggie noodles are a great low-carb substitute for regular pasta noodles and are a fun & delicious way to add more veggies into one’s diet! Here’s an OXO brand spiralizer I found for $15!

Plant Based Cookbook

Eating plant based food isn’t just healthy and good for the environment.  It’s also super tasty, especially when you have amazing recipes!  Christy Brisette MSC, RD from 80Twenty Nutrition suggests The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out. I often go to the Oh She Glows website when I need some plant based inspiration!

Tiki Mugs

This wouldn’t be my gift guide unless I added a little tiki in here. I love tiki drinks and the fun mugs they come in! RetroPlanet has so many fun drink mugs including this Happy Tiki God Tiki Mug and the Money Tiki God Tiki Mug

Happy Tiki God from RetroPlanet

Money Tiki God from RetroPlanet

Busy Morning Breakfast Cookbook

If you know your loved one wants to start eating breakfast more regularly, but doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare food, pick up this great book by Katie Sullivan Morford RD:  Rise & Shine: Better Breakfasts for Busy Mornings !

Handheld Mandoline

Regular mandoline slicers are a pain in the a$$ to clean, not to mention their bulkiness and super sharp blades can be downright dangerous. Jessica Fishman Levinson MS, RDN, CDN loves this easy to use handheld adjustable mandoline slicer from OXO. Use your new mandoline with this Citrus Fennel Salad from Jessica.


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    These are amazing and unique ideas. You have inspired me.

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    These are fantastic gifts! I love the produce bags, and definitely have to get my hands on some of that salt!

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    The Busy Morning Cookbook looks awesome and was just added to my Christmas Wish List! Thank you so much for this great list.

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